Popular Types Of Garment Fasteners

Garment Fasteners

Fasteners are found in most garments. The fastener enhances the functionality of any garment, and also adds detail. Some of the common fasteners are snaps, hooks and eyes, and self-gripping devices. A garment will have a type of fastener depending on the type of fabric, opening, volume of stress put on the fastener, etc. For instance, a gentle and soft fabric may have covered snaps, while rough and tough garment may have strong snap fastener. If you want to select a fastener for your garment, then you should consider few points.

You should always choose a fastener that can be compatible with the garment type and placket. For example, if you want to attach a fastener to areas like a waistband or any other high-stress area, then hook and the eye will be a good option than a snap. Secondly, the fastener you choose should blend with the color of the garment. Henceforth, you should look into the color of the fastener as well. For efficient use of the fastener, they should be precisely attached to the garment. A fastener will have two parts. One should be stitched onto the overlap of the garment and another one should be stitched to the underlap of the garment.

Hook and Eyes

Hooks and eyes are called as concealed fasteners as they are not visibly seen on the worn garment. This type of fastener can be used to securely overlap or hold two edges. These fasteners come in various colors and sizes for use with a variety of fabric types. Hooks comes either with straight eyes or loops. In most cases, the hooks have to be sewn on the garment, however, there come hooks and eyes that can be fixed to its place by clamping. Always read the manufacturer’s instruction on how to fix the hooks and eyes.

For lightweight fabrics, small hooks and eyes have to be used, while the bigger hooks and eyes are used on thick and dense fabric.

Thread Eyes

Thread eyes are used when there is a need for some kind of decoration in a garment. As thread eyes are not as strong as metal eyes, they are mostly recommended to use in areas that are not subjected to frequent use, strain or stress. The two methods to create thread eyes are crocheted strain and button hole stitch.


Snaps are most popular these days as they are easy and secure use. They are mainly used in areas that experienced relatively lesser strain. They are mainly used to grip two ends in a place, henceforth they are used as an alternative to buttons. Snaps come in different sizes and weight for use with different kinds of garments. Snaps come in sewn and no sewn style.

Hook and Loop Fasteners

Velcro is the ideal example of hook and loop fastener. This type of fasteners can be sewn or hand-stitched to the garments. They are very cheap and available in different sizes. If you want to buy the best fasteners at the best price, then it is better to browse some of the online stores on the Internet. The online stores can offer a wide range of fasteners at an attractive price.