How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

 Increase Testosterone Naturally

The male hormone testosterone is one among the androgens along with dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).These play a main role in determining the sexual health of people. Health Reporter Daily has given many reports on the health benefits when you consume healthy foods. will also have many interesting articles which will give deep insight into healthy living.

Uses of testosterone in males
Have you ever wondered why testosterone is always a big deal for men? They will do almost anything to keep up their strong image. Even a slight reduction in the physical performance is something they find hard to tolerate and the reason for all the manly attributes is the male hormone –testosterone. What it does in the human body is a matter of great interest. The main functions are:-
· Sperm production,
· Manage the fat distribution within the body parts
· Optimizes growth of body hair including facial hair.
· Essential for strengthening of muscles,
· Increases bone density,
· Provides body shape and masculine features to men

What happens when testosterone levels lower in the body?
· Insulin resistance,
· High obesity and increase in fat percent of the body
· Difficulty in losing weight
· Relatively shorter life,
· Major cardiovascular diseases
· low sex drive combined with the difficulty in maintaining erections
· hair loss and muscle loss
· continuous fatigue and drastic memory loss
· low bone density,

See how dangerous low levels of testosterones are? Now let’s look at how to rectify this by natural means.

The main points to be noted are:-

Include cruciferous vegetables in your diet
You need to include sprouts, watercress, cauliflower, radishes, kale, and broccoli in your daily meals. These help to manage the estrogen levels in the body and increase the production of testosterone.

Add Selenium rich food daily
Male fertility depends to a certain extent on the presence of essential minerals like Selenium. The main sources include:-
· Brazil nuts,
· liver,
· crab,
· shellfish

Increase the content of zinc in your meal
Zinc is necessary for the optimization of the ratio between estrogen and testosterone. Zinc ensures that testosterone is not converted into estrogen within the body. You can get zinc in plenty from food sources like oysters, squash seeds, beef, shellfish, lobster, mussels, lamb pumpkin seeds, spinach, clams, crab, and cashews.

Consume more Omega 3 sources
To reduce stress and inflammation, you need to increase your omega 3 intakes. This will help to reduce the stress responses and increases the testosterone production.

Increase the level of Vitamin D
Vitamin d helps the production of aromatase enzyme which also helps the conversion of estrogen to testosterone. You will need a minimum level of vitamin d to maintain the normal functioning of the human body. The higher the level of vitamin D, the higher the energy you feel.

The above methods are the best ones to increase your testosterone levels naturally. You may resort to supplements and follow a healthy and natural diet to follow a healthy lifestyle. Following the above mentioned diet every day is sure to boost your energy level and bring back the happiness in life.