Relax And Drive – Save Your Loved Ones

Legal License CrosswordRoad safety is the prevention and protection of road accidents by using all the safety measures. We all are aware well that the road calamities are a serious threat to almost all parts of the world. The death and injuries on roads hit the box news of all newspapers and media. People not following the traffic rules and regulations are the major cause of accidents on roads. Many privileges like a Driving licence or a TV licence are although beneficial to the public, it demands the wise and judicious use of them to help the public. The TV licence contact number can be accessed on various authoritative sites like

The government has initiated certain rules and regulations strictly to be followed by the citizens of their country. For instance, practising defensive driving, using safety measures, maintaining speed limit and understanding road signs etc. accounts for reducing the number of daily road accidents. Many factors are involved when the driver gets distracted during driving. Not only the personal ones but also the negligence and silly attitude can harm the life of patients. Prior to drive, follow some basic guidelines which are implemented by the safety and regulatory transport authority of different cities.

Get Yourself Physically Ready Before Your Favourite Travel

Always get enough sleep and have your snack or meal before starting a journey. Avoid night drives to the maximum possible. However, if the situation challenges, highly caffeinated drinks are not necessarily the choice to keep you awake all the night. It may have the initial trigger, which fades gradually upon time and your attention will wander although you remain awake. Take breaks every couple of hours despite you are sleepy. Fetch some fresh air and oxygen outside on a cool place and stretch out your legs by walking around. It is also good if you take a short nap.

It’s well and good if your partner gives a share with driving. This not only saves time but also keeps an eye on each other and also takes nap without halts anywhere. It is advisable to put on soft music and crack open your window side. Refrain yourself from modern cruise control while you are alone at night to keep the constant check on speed. If you are really waxed up with drive, park to some favourable spaces outside the road, but not on breakdown lanes unless met with an emergency. Always avoid the use of cell phones while driving. Ensure that you know the laws of using phones along with your route. Some routes may be restricted while some others allow its use. Use of alcohol for a mature driver is a big shame. You may be kicked up with a mere beer and may feel sleepy on travel. Anticipate the climate conditions before your route plan.

Traffic congested roads can be seen ahead using smart apps like Waze or Google Maps. A GPS may not always save you, especially in remote fields. Hence, a route map, road atlas etc. can be influential. These physical factors can be great tricks which make your travel safe.