Know The Different Kinds Of Power Towers


If you are a person who enjoys performing body weight exercises like pull ups and dips, you need to know about some of the best power towers. At present, there are different kinds of power towers easily available in the market. They are less expensive and smaller than power rack. As you have a lot of options in power tower, you would wonder which one to purchase for your home. We will help you in finding the best power tower by explaining each model.

Glorified pull-up power tower: It is the most simple power tower model. It looks skinny and offers full height and full width chin up and pulls up bar. As it is simple and elegant in design, it is available at an inexpensive price. If you are starting to work out first time at home or wish to do serious chin ups and pull ups, glorified pull power tower is the best option. It is designed and sold by various manufacturers. You need to check each model. Price may vary from one manufacturer to another.

Advanced power tower: The best part of advanced power tower is it has lots of new features. It does not look fancy just like the other models. Advanced power tower comes with chin up/pull up bar, dip station and also separate vertical knee raise space to do knee lifts and leg raises.

Deluxe power towers: This is a fully loaded workout equipment with several whistles and bells. It is sure you will enjoy using those features when you workout. It has all additional features that are seen on advanced power tower. Moreover, it also comes with triceps pull down machines, resistance, weighted and pull up posts. Some have assisted or motorized stations. Deluxe power towers are the top workout equipment. It can be expensive.

Things to consider
Power tower is a simple product. It is best to purchase with pull and dip station. It remains highly versatile by allowing you to do full upper body exercises at home.

When you want to make the best moves to tone up your shoulders, arms and back, you can use the pull-up station. It is recommended to do pull ups and chin ups to make the most effective moves. You can also do various hanging leg raises which will do wonder to your abs.

The dip station helps the exercises to perform dip move. It stimulates the chest muscles, shoulder and triceps efficiently.

Some power towers have vertical knee raise station. It comes along with comfortable handlebars and armrests. It helps you in performing the exercises efficiently. It is an excellent feature useful for beginners.

The power tower does not occupy much space in your room. No matter, if you are living in a small flat, you can do complete upper body exercises by using a power tower.

Some people purchase pull up and dip station separately. It is a waste of money. You can do all those exercises in a single power tower. It occupies less space and serves efficiently. It helps in building strength and muscle to your body. You can burn more calories by doing different movements.